Full Frontal Color

We all do things we’re not proud of.

A mean-spirited comment you later regret, snorting while laughing, a youthful indiscretion, maybe something involving misplaced clothing…?

Despite the delightful dance of dazzling color making up Girl In A Baseball Cap, I’m not entirely proud of the piece.

It’s rather small; maybe 5×9″ and was never really meant to be anything other than a sketch.  It’s based on a photograph in a magazine that was captivating in its colors and the expression on the young lady’s face.  The idea was to try my hand at a high-contrast composition like it.

I took a few liberties:

  1. The hat she was wearing in the original was not a baseball cap.  It’s unclear what on earth it was, but not a baseball cap.  Caps are cooler, though.  I stand by that decision.
  2. The shirt she was wearing in the picture looked stupid, so she might be shirtless in the the watercolor.  I won’t back down from that choice.  Nothing wrong with a little suggested nudity.
  3. She really was a pretty girl in the photo.  I’m not sure this reproduction does her justice.  Her hair is the most disappointing part, since I really thought I would have been capable of capturing its silky shine.  Instead, the gal looks like she’s got her crazy great-aunt Betty’s old discolored (and shockingly blonde) ermine stole cascading down her shoulders.  Ratty!  And her mouth just ain’t right.  Which was all the more disappointing because it was perfect in the drawing.

I spent way more time trying to fix this piece than it deserved.  The resulting painting is actually okay, especially as it appears on this blog.  But in real life, there a few spots where the paper started to ‘pill’ from being over-worked.

So I can take a little pride in admitting defeat and learning this valuable painting lesson… sometimes it’s best to just cover your face and put the embarrassing incident behind you.

Feel free to share an example of something you’ve done that you weren’t so proud of… but learned from!


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