He Loves Me . . .

One more flower-themed post before we shift gears for a while…

The idea for this one came while writing the blog for one of the last few flower pictures and listening to music.  The details escape me, but something about the combination resulted in this picture:

Seems a little melancholy.  I guess the summer isn’t all wine and roses for everyone all the time.  It’s a little perverse, but pulling off a successful piece like this puts me in a good mood.  That said, it’s hard to look at this one without feeling a little wistful.

The background color came first.  It was important to make a good choice, since the color is so pervasive in the piece.  Who knows how the drawing would have turned out if it had been influenced by a magenta background?

The drawing was then done on another layer.  Most of it was accomplished on the first try, but the “plucking” hand needed to go through a few versions before it turned out right.

Finally, the light and dark designs were added.  I like an image to feel “finished”.  To me, that’s the difference between a nice drawing and completed piece of art.  These little touches make a big difference.  The highlight hue is a lighter version of the main color – but it’s been shifted slightly more yellow.  Similarly, the darker color in the tree is both darkened and ‘cooled off’ (made a little bluer).

So have a great “He LOVES me!” day.

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2 thoughts on “He Loves Me . . .

  1. Betsy Garbow on said:

    The plucking hand was worth the extra work because it turned out just right. I can almost feel him pinching and then letting go.

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