Quite Contrary

How does your garden grow?

Here’s another image that sprung from the same creative soil as the last one.  Yesterday’s “Sunny” flowers were a beautiful splash of straight-ahead color, strongly focused on the central yellow flower.  This one re-imagines the scene, giving the supporting players their due.

What happened – as so often happens – is that I accidentally “hid” the background while still working on the original.  The main flower was already hidden, and the resulting composition had a completely different feel… a different charm.  It was a completely different piece.

None of the colors were changed, but the removal of the blue background changes the color and value relationships of all the flower-silhouettes and the clouds.  This one also eschews the use of the (hopefully) subtle drop-shadows that gave the previous one that sense of collage-like depth.

Finally, there’s the matter of the bee, whom we find bumbling innocuously in from the left.  He was actually drawn and intended for the other version of these flowers.  Fate had other plans, though.  The other one was already saturated with colors, shapes and movement.  I removed him over there, and added him here, making a couple minor adjustments to his coloration to fit his new surroundings.  He had been quite yellow, but that showed up much better against blue than this white background.

So there you have it.  Two takes on one theme with two very different outcomes.

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4 thoughts on “Quite Contrary

  1. Beautiful work, as usual. A fun departure from much of your other recent work.
    And a great title! That brilliantly inventive album is my favorite from Better Than Ezra. Great reference!

  2. I like this one, too, but the yellow version is my fave.

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