Another Sunny Day

The chickens were hot.

They had finished their afternoon snack of frozen raspberries and were settling into the relative cool of their shady coop.  It was spacious and sturdy, built will love and attention to detail by the hands of their keeper and some neighborhood friends.  That’s Minneapolis’s Powderhorn area for you.

With the hens no longer in view, but the watercolors still moist and ready for painting, the painter looked around the backyard for something else to catch his eye.

The saturated flatness of the sky served as a perfect backdrop to the angular planes and strong shadows of the adjacent houses.  Perfect.

I completed this small painting in a watercolor sketchbook rapidly.  The light was shifting toward late afternoon, and there were evening commitments that had to be kept soon.

Sometimes being rushed is a blessing.  There was only enough time to lay in the broad areas of color and attempt to get their relationships to each other correct.  This painting came close.

The overall composition is pleasing and balanced.  The colors are fairly accurate, if not especially exciting.  My biggest concern going into this one was over the leaves, which capture *some* of the depth of the branches, but do an especially good job of holding together as larger shapes made up of smaller shapes.

Have a nice sunny day… or enjoy the rain.  Either one works.


So let’s go where we’re happy…

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