Back in high school, my art teacher tried to cure me of a very choppy, tentative drawing style that she derisively referred to as “chicken-scratching.”  Most chickens would insist this was a compliment.

I did eventually learn to commit a more sinuous, confident line, but I’m still a sketcher at heart.

A good friend, Liliane, invited me to sketch her feathered tenants in the backyard coop.  It was delightful summer day and here are the results:

This watercolor came last.   The top portion is the coop itself, with a partly cropped chicken on the left.  You can also see the outline ‘ghost-image’ of a bird at the bottom center, but it moved before its portrait could be completed.

Here are a few individual sketches superimposed on one another.


One bird, first pecking, then peeking.

A full-figured, feathered friend.


A svelte chickie; eating.  Apparently, chickens really enjoy frozen raspberries on a hot day.  Liliane is just too good to her birds!

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