One of the best aspects of working in a digital medium is that you can save copies of your mistakes.  You can “undo” and continue work on your original idea, while taking the oopsy-art in another direction… or just leave it the way it is, if you like.

That’s how this piece came to be:

Look familiar?

If so, it’s because the foot drawing was originally intended as a part of the picture in *this* post.  After initially drawing the foot, it was time to color it in.  Instead of selecting the paintbrush tool in Photoshop, I accidentally clicked the paintbucket.  It filled almost the entire picture-plane with this rich beige… except for a few little spots on the foot.

The result was a very interesting, enigmatic, and flatly graphic image that stands on it’s own… er… two feet.

The next picture was not so much the result of an accident, but it shares a similar graphic quality, that I really love, but which rarely shows up in my art these days.

As always, you can click on the image to make it fit on screen in its own window.

I spent years working in this style, on-and-off; filling hundreds of sketchbook pages with pigeons, mermaids, dripping candles, and all manner of mythic beasts.  This took place in-between much more realistic drawings executed to complete school assignments.

This bird image actually showed up in at least one of those assignments.  It was supposed to be poster demonstrating the Heimlich maneuver.  I illustrated it as if it was a comic strip.  In it, a kid attempts to rescue an old woman who chokes on a park bench while feeding pigeons.

The whole scenario may have been concocted as an excuse to include these birds in something that was getting graded.  The professor was not as enamored of the concept as I had hoped.

Well now is the pigeon’s day in the sun.  Hopefully you will give it better than a B+.

Meanwhile, the image in the banner is taken from another – much busier – iteration on this image.   Hope you enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Pigeon-Toed

  1. There’s something about the bird piece that I really love. The color and simplicity is great.

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