Pug on Purple

Sometimes the best thing to do when you have an embarrassing secret is to just come right out and admit it.  Put it out there and then move past it.  Well I’ve been held back by a shameful obsession for far too long.

And now, I’m going to tell the world.

No… no I’m not.

I changed my mind.  It’s just too silly.  The best thing to do  with awful peccadilloes is what *real men* have been doing with their feelings for hundreds of years: swallow hard and hold them in the pit of your belly until they are either:

  1. dissolved by stomach acids, or
  2. covered over with a thick wall of scar tissue and stomach lining.

That feels much better.

On the other hand, real men have been doing a lot of stupid things for hundreds of years.  Okay, I’ll just come out and say it:

I like pugs.

They’re just so darn cute.  I ended up a random stranger’s pug for a walk while on vacation in Florida and it was the best moment of the whole trip.  Sorry, dolphins!

I finally got around to doing my first drawing of one of these adorable dogs.  At least, this is the first finished drawing.  I may have done some sketches during some boring moments at work in the past couple of months.

This drawing went through a few stages.  First, there was a really rough sketch that the picture was eventually built on top of.  Photoshop (like some other similar programs) allows you to create and edit a multitude of layers in a single project.  Each layer is like a sheet of transparency… like your teacher used to use on the overhead projector if you are of a certain age.  Basically, you can see what’s underneath unless you cover it up with something opaque.

Therefore, if you peel away or “hide” the top couple of layers that contain the lines, this is what the underlying colors look like:

Creepy, right?

As it turned out, the finished picture was built on top of an earlier attempt that just felt too… tentative.

Poor thing.

The shading on this one is also kind of muddy looking.  I do rather like the door frame that is in this early version, but which I forgot to carry over to the final.

Strangely enough, as I started to write this post, I thought how silly it would be if I could find a song lyric that could accompany this piece.  Then I remembered; not only *is* there a song called “Pug”, but it’s by Smashing Pumpkins, one of my favorite bands.

The lyrics have no discernible connection to canines of any sort, but it’s a good one, nonetheless.

please don’t change

please don’t change at all

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8 thoughts on “Pug on Purple

  1. Love this pug! Great timing, as I had a pug encounter just yesterday at yoga, with one jumping into my lap before class, sniffing and snorting away.

  2. Thanks, Gabriel.

  3. Thanks,Gabriel.

  4. OK, Gabriel I loved your work before, but I love it more now. I’m a huge dog fan and your love of this delightful breed shines through. I love the shade of lilac you used. It’s a perfect complement to the golden beige of the dog’s fur. But my favorite part of this painting is the eyes. So liquid, they just draw you in. Love this!

    • Pugs are a lot like dolphins, I think: something about their facial structure gives them the permanent appearance of human expressions. And I do love drawing eyes.

      As for the color, it’s kind of interesting: initially, the fur was a much duller beige, sort of oatmeal. It was kind of ‘blah’. But just before saving the final version of this piece, I pumped up the color “saturation” which made the lavender a little more vibrant, and the dog much yellower. A lucky break for me!

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