Color Lines

On a steamy evening a couple of weeks ago, we had an extraordinary model pose for us at Old Town Artists.

I set out to focus on lines, strong shadows, and to have fun.

Check, check… and… check.

The pose was really statuesque, with a unique twist in the near arm & hand.  You just make out her hand placed jauntily above her hip, deep in the black/blue shadow.

Some of the light / dark contrast were lost, in favor of caustic colors and energetic line work, as you can see from the pencil sketch:

The composition also tightened up quite a bit.  The male artist in the background, for instance, is much closer to the edge in the final piece.  The mirror was also a spur-of-the-moment addition which I think really adds a nice counter-point.  It’s drawn in an almost cartoon-y style that’s an extension of the spontaneous feel in the main figure.

Before beginning the main pose (above) there were a few warm-ups.  I’ve included the best one of those below:

Stick around for a few more recent watercolors in the next few posts.  I’ve been busy!

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