She’s a Sad Tomato

To all of you who read the heading of this post, and quickly scrolled down, eager to see a sad tomato:

Shame on you.

Tomatoes are one of the gardens kindest, gentlest citizens.  Why on earth would you want to see one sad?  Besides, you’re going to be disappointed.

The tomato below is not sad, but shy.  However, R.E.M. did not put out a song with the line, “She’s a shy tomato”.  That idea is especially preposterous considering that the song “Crush With Eyeliner” – from which the quote is taken – is purportedly about Courtney Love; not really known as a shrinking violet (which reminds me of another song…).

As silly as it may sound, this picture was actually drawn from an actual tomato that I set next to my laptop.  I had set out to do a semi-realistic drawing, but that route didn’t quite pan out.  Instead, two not-so-realistic, but plenty interesting drawings resulted.

The basic drawing of ‘Shy Tomato’ – the outline, the red fill, and the blushing cheeks – were completed in the original session.  Then, the horizontal line, and the table-top texture were added a couple days later.

The same initial session also produced this gem, titled “Rotten Tomatoes”:

It started out as the basis for the ill-fated ‘realistic’ version, but was too charismatic to simply cover up.  Both vegetables started out black; that’s how I prepare them to be filled with another color in Photoshop.  But once the upper right-hand tom went orange, there was something alluring about the image, so I saved it as-is.

It reminds me of a Japanese woodblock print, but I can’t remember which one.  If anyone can tell me, it would be much appreciated.

And i know that toms are ‘technically’ fruits, so don’t bother correcting me, please.  Just enjoy eating them while the summer lasts.


She’s . . . Three miles of bad road.

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5 thoughts on “She’s a Sad Tomato

  1. awww its so sweet your little shy tomato 🙂

    • I was listening to a radio program with the comedian Paula Poundstone, and she was explaining how her family has a word for the ketchup that won’t come out of the bottle: they call it the “shy ketchup”. It must be made from shy tomatoes!

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  3. I♥ the blushing tomato with the crazy “hair!” This digital art medium seems to be bringing out the playful and whimsical in you… 🙂

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