Oh, Snap!

I have long had a fear of snapping turtles.  My “friends” in elementary school ruined all water-based activities for me by telling me that the little buggers were lurking just below the surface, waiting to snap your big toe right off.

For some reason, this phobia survived intact well into adulthood.  I’d long given up on irrational fears of sharks,  alligators and angry mermaids.  It wasn’t until a recent trip to the Naples Zoo in Florida that I got to see the critters up close.

They still looked ferocious and powerful, but also: really slow.  I mean, they are TURTLES.  I don’t know why this never occurred to me before.

So now the fascination remains, but minus the crippling horror.  Thus, today’s picture:

A few photographs from Google Images served as reference, but the pose, the composition, and many of the details were all mine.

So I guess now I owe snappers a debt of gratitude for inspiring this piece.  I guess we’re even.

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9 thoughts on “Oh, Snap!

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  2. Dave on said:

    Great piece!

  3. Betsy Garbow on said:

    I like the way the horizontal bands of color give the sense of a slow moving river or stream. Then there’s the slow moving turtle and the unhurried and unsuspecting person (well, at least a person’s foot). Sounds bucolic until you see the turtle’s threatening demeanor. I’m really enjoying these computer pieces.

  4. That little guy looks really scary with his battle shell and desperate eye. I’m assuming that your foot. I love the pop-art feel to this.

    • I, too am rather fond of the crazed look in his eye. The foot is not mine. I found it online. It just so happens there are a lot of sites with pictures of bare feet…. that’s all I’m saying about that …!

  5. I love this! It looks like you are offering up a peace offering with that big toe! 😉 And that it looks like it’s rearing up on it’s back leg and looks so menacing…almost Godzilla like.

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