Color Splashed

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s summer.  And it’s hot.

When the mercury rises above the mid-eighties and the barometer hits the stratosphere, most folks start to consider options that can only be attributed to heat-induced delirium.  Like:

” How close to naked can I get without getting into trouble? “

Except nudists.  Because they’re already naked.  I wonder what options they have?

How nudists cope with summer heat:

  1. Skinny dipping.  This seems like an obvious, yet thoroughly refreshing tactic.
  2. Snowball fight.  Using those snowballs they stashed away over the winter.  If all of those have been used up, an ice-cube fight could be considered as a fall-back plan.  Cold… yes – safe… not so much.
  3. Run through the sprinklers.  Bring soap, and this can double as a nice shower.
  4. Do nothing special.  Nudists are closer to nature, so they have developed a super-human ability to cope with extremes of weather.

And when it comes to art at this time of year, it’s not clear who has it better; the ones doing the drawing or the ones doing the modeling.

On the one hand, the models are wearing less clothing, and we make sure they are getting the full benefit of the fans.  On the other hand, they have a spotlight bearing down on them like an angry sun… minus the sexy tan afterward.

The jury is out.

The above picture was done on one such summer evening.  It feels very sun-splashed, despite being done indoors at night.  I have a real affinity for yellow and yellowish backgrounds.  What can I say?

The image is laid out in two halves: the cool half on the right and  the warm half on the left.    The area of blue is rather large, but it doesn’t overpower the picture for two reasons:  1) Cool colors like green, blue, and purple tend to ‘recede’.  In other words, they aren’t as assertive to our eyes, they tend to push back like background.  2) The warm side is has more going on: our eyes are attracted to “busy-ness”.  And like I’ve noted before, people are powerful programmed to be drawn to figures.

So, the smaller but more interesting warm side balances with the blue side.  The left area is further subdivided into two overlapping triangles.  One is predominantly red/magenta, and the other is yellow.  Therefore, the whole painting is a study in jeweled versions of the three primary colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue.

It’s a real challenge trying to make that come off as not boring.  This dominant color story is disrupted slightly by the peach-hued hand on the far right.   The one area where the colors are much more subdued is on the woman’s breast.

Until next time, enjoy the colors, patterns, and exuberant lines of this piece from the comfort of an air-conditioned building, if possible.

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2 thoughts on “Color Splashed

  1. I know it sounds like a very lame comment, but I just have to say it : the colors are simply amazing in this one. It all balances so incredibly well! And more than that, there’s something coming out of it, like warmth and all kind of warm feelings… Really soulfull piece!

    • There’s nothing lame about a compliment… expecially when it’s heartfelt. I will definitely let this go to my head.

      I think you’re right, though: the pose exudes a casual confidence in the model, and the colors – especially that yellow “halo” – just further radiate that feeling.

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