Here it come / Get carried away

Critics tends to view R.E.M.’s “New Adventures in Hi-Fi” as the album between “Monster” and “Up”.  It happens to be my favorite of their output.  So this post will double as an homage to the song Departure from said album.

I’m just a sucker for sagebrush

The art I’m featuring for this post is also a departure from most of what’s been showcased here previously.

The digital age has arrived, and it smells like honeysuckle.


Okay, so the digital age arrived in most of the world a good two decades ago, and the flower it smells like has yet to be determined conclusively.  The point is that drawing on the digital pad has reignited my fervor for illustration.  Whereas watercolor encourages me to capture that which I can observe (either from a photo or from real life),  drawing has always been connected with imagination for me.

So feel free to let me know if you prefer the ‘hand-made’ stuff to the computer-aided pictures.  It’s not likely to stop me from creating in this way.  It’s just too much fun.  It’s like scribbling in the margins of a take-home test in eighth grade all over again.

The picture above garnered unsolicited praise from my partner, Tony.  I take that as a very serious compliment, indeed.  It was created in Photoshop (Elements) and inspired by a picture of a hummingbird.  The colors, layout, and addition of imaginary flora are all original, however.

In early stages, this scene sported a sky-blue background, but it seemed way too… um, obvious.  The light green suggests a slightly mysterious space, suspended in time, and interacts nicely with the (approximately) complementary color of the blooms.

So enjoy the day.  Stop and smell the honeysuckle.  And for goodness sake: if you’ve read this far, leave a comment!

There’s so much to tell you / so little time

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10 thoughts on “Departure

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  2. I’m in love with this piece. Also, it reminds me of my virgin Bath and Body Works purchase, Honeysuckle body wash. Oh, the sweet nostalgia!

  3. I LOVE this new medium and piece! And I couldn’t choose between digital and watercolor because I love them both for different reason… The colors and whimsy speak to me. This would fit perfectly into my new place! 🙂

  4. zack on said:

    Love love love this, especially the two toned green background! And the flowers are beautiful. I’d definitely like to see more of these

  5. Vicki on said:

    I love you. um I mean I love the creation. oh that was awkward. Nice work Gabe 🙂

  6. Digital art is a maelstrom we are all sucked into. Great post, Gabriel.

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