Well I Wonder – pt. 2

The statement “Too much of a good thing” has always seemed kind of stupid.  Am I the only one who has difficulty imagining such a thing?  Maybe this points to an extreme amount of moderation in my life…  I have somehow managed to avoid this state of “too-muchness” – probably through some sort of unfortunate personal deprivation.

Well, this post will surely test the boundaries of how much “good thing” one can tolerate.

The purpose of all these doppelgangers is to demonstrate a couple of anatomical anomalies that the unforgiving medium of watercolor did not allow me to fix in the original painting.

The figure on the left above has been roughly touched up through the magic of photo editing software.  The corrections are crude, but close enough to get the point across.

I’ve fixed a minor flaw by masking the yellow drip on the figure’s shoulder.  The “clone” tool was used to grab the colors immediately to the right of the drip and paste them over the offending area.

The main mistake of the picture, though, is the elbow.  It’s way too big.  Not only does this make the arm look awkward, but it also starts to dominate the picture-field, setting the balance off.  In the left version, the arm is whittled down to about the size and shape that it should have been.  The illusion was created with just three different colors brushed on top of the original image, with the hues swiped from the surrounding areas using the eyedropper tool.

Now, take a look at the original sketch that exists underneath all that paint:

You can see that there are two different lines indicating the right edge of the arm: one concave and one convex.  I followed the wrong one.

Oh, well.

You can also see in the sketch where the most attention was paid, and how certain elements are rendered differently.  For example, the wrist is articulated quite differently in the original drawing.  What other differences do you notice?  Which version got it right?  Well I wonder….

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2 thoughts on “Well I Wonder – pt. 2

  1. Vicki Shofner on said:

    Out of all the body parts, I have always been most attracted to men’s arms so I love how the arm is central to the piece. Very sexy! I think it looks great and realistic with just the right touch of augmented reality.

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