St. Paul Art Crawl

The twice-annual St. Paul Art Crawl happened this week, and it was a blast. The Old Town Artists opened their doors to the public Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. We met a couple hundred visitors, handed out six dozen fliers promoting membership and our open drawing/painting sessions, and got to spend time with each other, too!

To top it all off, I sold one large piece (artists at work), one watercolor sketch (still life with coffee mug and wine glass glass), and one smaller piece (desert tree). The last sale was to my mother, but the other two were totally legit.

It was fun chatting with the other artists and art appreciators from around the Twin Cities. It was equally enjoyable to spend some time with my fellow Old Town Artists – even if the stress of the preparation left us all inches away from strangling each other. No hard feelings, guys.

Truth is, we don’t always see a lot of each other. We have 24/7 access to the studio, so our varied “office hours” rarely coincide. Not to mention that most of us have day jobs… and vacations… that have kept us away from the studio as of late.

Two other highlights were getting to know my building-neighbors better, and the painting I did of flowers in between guests. Take that as a teaser – more to come…

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