One Lovely Lady… Twice!

This week’s Friday night portrait session was a busy one.

Nearly a dozen folks showed up to draw and paint.  The model this week, Anne, had a few years on the one from the session two weeks ago.  She was a delightful subject, sitting with poise and good humor.

The results were pleasing, as well.

I started off by grabbing my trusty twig.  Dipping it in liquified black watercolor,  Anne’s legs and shoes started to take shape.  The foreshortened shapes of her legs and knees were especially harmonious.  At this point, other colors started to enter the equation.  This wasn’t part of the original plan, but improvisation was the order of the evening.


The rest of the drawing came together with restained use of a few additional colors.  All were applied with an ink-like color intensity.  It felt really good to cut loose with a drawing for the first time in a long time.

With that early success under my belt, and an hour yet to spare, it was time to start in on something a little more… involved.

The second picture started to take form.  It quickly became apparent that this one was going to be essentially the same composition as the first: the model’s complete figure, from a low vantage point, centered on the page.

This time, however, a very different stylistic approach was employed.  First, a light pencil drawing approximated the scene on the paper.  Using a fat brush and highly saturated colors again, the picture sprang onto the page.

You will notice that although the brush was fairly sopping with paint and water, there isn’t much dripping in evidence on the page.  That’s because the paper was set essentially flat on a tray table… for just this purpose.


Even though fairly bold colors were used right from the start, I did go back in with a second layer of paint in some areas.  The right pant leg needed to be darkened, for instance, and the left part of the shirt got some bright dabs of red paint to heighten the magenta even more.

I anchored the painting with a bit of gray and turquoise in the lower right which echoes the unique blue of the shadow over her upper-left shoulder.  With a good painting drying on the page, it was time to call it quits – with a good seven minutes of time left on the pose!

All week long, this blog will be featuring new works – completed just within the past few days!  So come on back and let me know what you think.

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2 thoughts on “One Lovely Lady… Twice!

  1. I really like the abstract nature of this one, along with the high saturation. The purples are beautiful. Well done, Gabriel!

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