Amaryllises… (Amarylli?)

The weather today in St. Paul was mild and sunny; perfect for spending hours in the studio painting.  The flowers that provided the subject for this watercolor were left by a guest earlier in the week.

The composition was boring looking at the flowers straight-on, but became more interesting from a lower vantage-point.  So, I plopped myself and all my supplies down on the floor, and started to sketch.

Then it was time to start on the watercolor.

I plotted out the composition in pencil again, then laid in a yellow wash for the background.  Once that dried, the punchier colors could be added.

At this stage, the colors are bright, but flat and artificial-looking.  It is time to deepen the shadows, and bring some balance to the colors.

I added some earthier tones to the stalk and the lower bloom.  I laid in some dark violet in the deepest recesses of the front two flowers.  Finally, I added details to the petals and background. Time to sign it and treat myself to a congratulatory coffee.


[Note: I accidentally reduced the resolution on my digital camera, so the pics in this post are small and grainy.  I’ll try to re-snap these soon.]

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4 thoughts on “Amaryllises… (Amarylli?)

  1. I was noticing the same thing! I really appreciate your explainations as to why you do things certain ways…it’s good to know there is a method to the madness. 😉

  2. Love it, Gabriel. Beautiful! I like how the back of the petal facing away from the view port looks blurred.

    • In reality, I was able to see plenty of detail in all of the amaryllis flowers, but in a painting, a consistent treatment of them would have made the picture look flat and overly busy. In order to suggest the depth, and to focus the viewer’s attention, I put less detail in the back flower, and also made the color more neutral. Sounds like it worked.

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