Mug Shots – pt 5

[Note:  My partner and I celebrated our 11-year anniversary in Savannah, GA – which was splendid.  However, I apparently need a little more practice publishing posts from my mobile phone.  This post was supposed to have been published three days ago.  Better late than never. . . ]

In life, you can’t always call a “do-over”.  Fortunately, in art, you can.

Prior to starting the Tall White coffee mug from the previous post, I completed a picture of a mug with a deep, translucent, azure inside.

It turned out pretty nicely.  I like the contrast of the yellow-orange table top with blue of the mug.  The mug was actually the easy part (again).  The blue towel and aforementioned table top were more challenging.  It was difficult to make them interesting without drawing the interest away from the mug.

I spent days working and re-working this one.  Probably over-working it a tad.  When it got to a point where it looked complete, I called it quits and decided to start fresh.

Although the objects in the picture are exactly the same, the next version could barely have been more different.

This one came together rapidly.  The technique employed here is more like the one used in the Maria Signs painting from a previous post.  The colors are applied cleanly, with little overlap – almost like a puzzle. There are some pleasant, spontaneous details like the blue bleeding from the inside of the mug onto the yellowish highlight of the rim.  These are what people sometimes refer to as “happy accidents”.  Strangely, nobody ever uses that term for fender-benders.

You can see the spontaneous effects I chose to keep and those that got “edited out” in between the early stage below, and the finished piece above.

The nice thing about calling a do-over in art: rather than being seen as a cop-out, most people interpret the return to the same subject over and over as FOCUS.

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