Odds and Ends – pt 2

…And the winner is…

In response to the challenge posted on the 3rd, wherein readers were asked to submit ideas for a drawing, Peach Farm Studio promptly requested “A sock puppet holding a rose in it’s mouth.”  Well, ask and you shall receive:

This work represents the first time I’ve ever attempted to work directly onto the computer.  The drawing was done largely from observation with a classic white sock on my left hand while manipulating the mouse with my right. Rather successful, in my estimation.  Hope you like it, Peach Farm friends.  …And it breaks an almost-three-day run of unartisticness…. (a real word in my imaginary dictionary)

It wasn’t supposed to be that way.  Had you asked on Wednesday what this weekend had in store, I likely would have replied, “Two full days of making art at the studio.”  That did not come to pass.  I was able to put in a couple of hours helping out with an Old Town Artists portrait session on Friday, but – as tends to happen – most of the weekend was spent on other urgent activities…

What I Did This Weekend Instead of Making Art:

1)  Go to my first-ever Loppet.  I’m not really sure what a loppet is, even though I was there.  It seemed to involve walking around in the cold with a bunch of other people and stopping at the occasional “point of interest”.  These included a beer tent, bonfires, an enchanted forest with hundreds of candles suspended in the trees, and a maple cookie table.  Can you guess which stop was my favorite?

2)  Watch the Super Bowl … Yes, the actual football game.

3)  Work on another creative project… remodeling the bathroom!  I’m forbidden from posting any images of the actual bathroom until it’s complete, but here’s the door.

This simple feature actually took up most of Sunday (before and after the game) as well as tonight.  It used to open into the bathroom, but now it opens out.  It even latches!

That’s a real masterpiece.

In response to reader suggestions, a search field has been added to the site.

Due to some frustrating constraints of the pre-fab site layout, it’s not available on the title page or regular post pages.  It *is* available on any of the ‘static’ pages listed at the top.  Click on “Search” at the top of this page to give it a try….

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9 thoughts on “Odds and Ends – pt 2

  1. Hey broseph, consider painting that picture you snapped above?

  2. Love the sock puppet drawing! And can’t wait to see the big bathroom reveal.

  3. Reblogged this on Peach Farm Studio and commented:
    Best. Sock. Puppet. (Ever.)

  4. [Wild and unrelenting applause!] THE BEST sock puppet EVER! Thank you!

  5. Like the sock puppet, looks like something Tim Burton might use in a film. PS Love my door.

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