Odds and Ends – pt 1

To keep this post from becoming a buffet table of unrelated thoughts, the topics will be arranged as the . . .

Top eight things that seem very important to tell the readers of this blog, but which I will later realize are maybe not that pressing after all…

1)  An Archives page was added last night.  You can probably see it in the upper right-hand corner of this window right now.  Click on it.  Go ahead, click on it.  It will take you to a nice screen where you can view all the posts this blog has accumulated so far, throughout its three-week-long history.

2)  This blog also has a sidebar.  Only… you can’t see it on the home page or the post pages.  Which is stupid.  Oh, well.  You CAN see it on the Archive page, which by now you have clicked on and visited.

3)  My friend Lila pointed out that the images in the posts are often too large to view on the screen all at once.  If you want to see an image optimized for your screen, just click on it.  Or, hover over the image and it will prompt you to click it for a screen optimized view.

4)  The first appearance of the mug painting in “Mug Shots – pt 2” was on my very first post: “Introduction.”  It’s there on the desk in the black-and-white photo from the studio.

5)  I am still trying to figure out how to make a gallery for this blog.  I’m rapidly learning that the template – AutoFocus – is nice to look at, but fairly clunky in the functionality department.  Hopefully the thing will be up and running by this weekend.

6)  This week has been a week of bad coffee.  And decreased artistic production.  A coincidence…?

7)  To break this current bout of artistic constipation, I am asking you, readers, to recommend a subject for me to draw.  Be specific.  Be outlandish.  Be quick.  At least one of your suggestions will be chosen this Saturday, drawn, and then posted on Monday.

8)  This little drawing will have to tide you over for now.  I found it in a sketchbook from years ago…

See ya later!

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13 thoughts on “Odds and Ends – pt 1

  1. Fiona.q on said:

    is it juice or beer in that bottle? 😉

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  3. 1. Artistic constipation. LOL!
    2. Can you add a search feature to the blog next? I had trouble retrieving a post by keyword.
    3. Why the bad coffee?
    4. Please draw a ferret chasing its tail

    • Yeargh! Yeah. I had a search function at one point. Unfortunately, this template doesn’t allow for any of that stuff to show up on the front page or the posts (as far as I can figure out). I’ll add it back into the “pages” though. Might have to get a new template!?!

    • Oh… didn’t see the other numbers:
      1. Yeah. Really pleasant, huh.
      2. See previous reply.
      3. Because the last couple batches I’ve roasted have been on the mild side, and it took me a long time to catch on and compensate while brewing.
      4. You were a tad late on the suggestion. See today’s post for the winner of the challenge.

  4. “This week has been a week of bad coffee. And decreased artistic production. A coincidence…?”

    Nothing is ever coincidence…
    Sometimes shit just happens
    Including bad coffee and decreased artistic production
    Both are unfortunate though! At least you came up with a clever phrase, artistic constipation is brilliant.

    • It pleases me to give others a few words to chuckle about. A period of creative block always stinks, but you may as well giggle as you muddle through, right?

      Anyway, I’m really glad that you weren’t too offended by my dismissive comment about “Float On” (since you quote it on your hilarious blog). I rather enjoy them overall, and I really like the album “We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank” and NOT just because of Johnny Marr’s sparkling contribution.

      Anyway, I feel like I’ve met a kindred spirit, based on the frequency of coffee-centric posts on your blog. Cheers!

      • Approaching a creative block with a positive and open mind is truly the only way to power through it!

        I’m not actually sure what dismissive comment you made about Float on. Explain? Did you make a comment that I can’t see or am unaware of? Either way, very little ever offends me. (Unless you wrote “THIS SHIT SUCKS” on my blog, I might be a little offended..But I have a pretty good sense of humor and pretty thick skin!

        It was actually a moment of irony when I put that song quote there. I was in the process of creating my blog and that song came on my ipod. Findingravity? Float on? It fits!

        Glad someone else shares my love of coffee! You do not walk alone! 🙂

  5. A sock puppet holding a rose in it’s mouth.

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