Good News (For People Who Love Bad News)

I am a thief.

Reason #1: the title of today’s post…?  Swiped from the Modest Mouse album of the same name (parentheses mine).  It’s the album that spawned the insipid “Float On” and the somewhat more listenable “Ocean Breathes Salty”.   I don’t actually own the album, but the phrase is both catchy and germaine.

So the good news is that I got the following note in my email inbox this morning:

We’ve received your project for The Sketchbook Project: 2012‏

Dear Gabriel Garbow,

Thanks for sending in your project for The Sketchbook Project: 2012! We just wanted to let you know that your project has now been cataloged into the Brooklyn Art Library! It can be found on the shelves with a call number of 152.3-10.
Please stay tuned for more details about the project.

The Art House Librarian Robot

It would be great if any of my Brooklynite readers would stroll on over to the Art Library and substantiate this claim.  If a personal appearance is not practical, then you have a couple of alternatives:  1) Wait for the Sketchbook Project: 2012 traveling exhibition to come to a city near you (get the skinny here), or 2)  simply keep your eyes on this very blog.  Eventually, my sketchbook will be professionally scanned and posted online.

The ‘sketchbook’ contains one original drawing (which you’ve already seen in ‘a little punchy’) and is otherwise comprised of collages (see ‘the halo effect’ for one example).  Here’s the part where loving bad news comes in.  Participants in the project had to select one of a list of themes for their submission.  I chose “Heroes and Villains”.  The pieces in my book take a broad look at the concept of heroes and villains in the American psyche.  So, if you haven’t already guessed: the bad news is that the work is… THOUGHT PROVOKING… as in: wry, cynical, self-important, and/or brain-numbing.


(is your brain numb, yet?)

The other piece of bad news is that you’ll have to wait to view the book in its entirety.  And like most books, you don’t really get the cumulative effect by just reading one random page here and another random page there.  The pictures displayed so far should be thought of as teasers for what is to come.

I’ll be writing more about collages and this project in coming weeks, as well as more paintings, drawings and DEEP, INSIGHTFUL COMMENTARY (as usual)!

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5 thoughts on “Good News (For People Who Love Bad News)

  1. Wow, congrats. This is quite an impressive achievement. Plus, it really is high time the pawns got their chance in the spotlight.
    I’m curious: What exactly is an “Art House Librarian Robot”? It sounds like something that would tase me, then tell me to please be quiet so that the other patrons may also appreciate the displays.

    • I am glad you enjoyed the post. I have frankly no idea what an “Art House Librarian Robot” is, but I imagine it wears horn-rimmed eye glasses. And not one to pass up an opportunity to congratulate myself, I was quite proud to be accepted into the prestigious Sketchbook program, where the rigorous judging only accepts those applicants whose money is not counterfeit. High standards, indeed.

      Keep coming back, Xavier; and please keep commenting. I need to be told what I’m doing right, and where I’ve gone astray!

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