Stick Figure

Hello, again.  Winter has finally found its way to the Twin Cities.  The good thing about having to bundle up to leave the house is I finally found myself appropriately dressed for the tundra that is the Cub Foods freezer section.  There must be a study circulating amongst grocers that found people buy more Van de Camp breaded fish planks when they’re on the verge of hypothermia.  Perhaps the cold emanating from the coolers causes our bodies to seek extra calories.  Who knows.

I do know that the cold also causes me to seek the comfort of my bed with three blankets layered on top of a flannel sheet – and seek it earlier and earlier in the evening.  All this is my way of rationalizing a short post tonight.  …counterproductive, since it took me just as long to write this introduction as it would have to write insightful paragraphs about the drawing below:

Woman with Bent Leg

This one was completed a little while ago, as is made evident by the date in the lower right corner.  I can also tell you exactly how long it to complete, since that valuable information is also provided on the paper.  What may be a little less apparent is that the drawing was executed on 18″ x 24″ newsprint, and that the ink was applied using a twig pulled from a tree on my way into the figure drawing session.

All joking aside; very small sticks actually make great drawing tools.  You can snap them to whatever length you like.  They work like a cross between a pen and a brush.  Plus, they boast oddly shaped ends.  This discourages fussy ink application, and actually offers myriad possibilities once you get a little familiar with the instrument.  As a bonus, you won’t be out much money when the thing inevitably breaks in two, or is forgotten somewhere outside your house.

I will drift to sleep tonight with a smile, picturing the lucky cardinal or chickadee who found it, and built its nest with little, black-tipped twigs.

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6 thoughts on “Stick Figure

  1. Hey Gabriel, this one is great! Is it the only black ink image that you have? I was also interested in your story on finding the stick and how you used it to create this drawing. It’s interesting that you use different styles to create your art. That just shows your versatility, artistic ability and your refusal to be boring.

    • Thanks for checking things out and the kind words. I have plenty of old black and white images – mostly in graphite or charcoal – but few of them are photographed and ready to post. I’ll try to start posting “archival” artwork soon. I’ve been trying to focus on the newer stuff lately.

  2. No jokes here, I genuinely loved this one.

    • I’m glad you found something that spoke to you. Keep checking back – I have a wide range of drawings and such tucked away that will be appearing here at some point. It won’t all be to everyone’s liking, but now and then I think they’ll connect.

  3. I really adore this one, Gabriel. You are seriously so talented! I hope that lucky cardinal or chickadee enjoyed their fancy black tipped abode. 🙂

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