Close to Home, and Two Maria’s

Today was a low-key day.  Which is nice sometimes.  No catastrophes at work.  No drama.  And no new art was made (so far).

Instead, I spent the evening emptying the sink of dishes and tidying up the house.  I rewarded my industriousness by roasting up a batch of coffee beans.  I got this home roaster for Christmas that I just love.  Today’s beans were Sumatra Dry-Hulled Aceh Bukit.  I wasn’t sure what most of those words meant, so I looked them up at Sweet Maria’s.  Basically, Aceh and Bukit are regions of Sumatra, and dry-hulled is the process used in preparing the beans to ship.  I put them to a pretty dark roast, and am thrilled to try them tomorrow morning.

For now, we turn to another Maria: the street by my house.  It meanders alongside Interstate 94 from just outside of downtown St. Paul and “ends” half a block from my house, where it becomes Hudson Rd.  Little known fact: locals pronounce the street name like you would the singer Mariah Carey.

This little sketch was completed recently, looking west on Maria.  It highlights the assorted shops that dot the sidewalk, with apartments above.  It was a bright but cool day, which hopefully comes across in the mostly neutral palette.  Interest is spiked with bold shadows and the unusual, acidic orange liquor store sign.

Yes, that’s really the color.

Now it’s time for a little feedback.  What’s working in this picture?  What could be improved?  What do you want to see more of on this blog.  Let me know.

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10 thoughts on “Close to Home, and Two Maria’s

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  2. I like how the picture sort of blots out around the horizon. The sign really captures my eye.

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  5. Did you get my email btw? I don’t know if the hotmail account is the right one. I was going to complain about how I want to be able to see the whole image without scrolling, but then I realized if I click on the image I can see the whole thing at once. I think it’s a good idea to have some indication of that on the site, like a roll-over message appearing on the image or next to it “To see the entire image click on it” or something. or maybe most smart people already know to do that?
    I also love that there are details above, then the full image below. Works well with piquing interest, and I love detail shots. What kind of scanner are you using? Just normal? Or special?

    • I really appreciate the technical suggestions. I’m not sure whether I will be able to figure out how to change the hover message, but I will definitely find a way to work in the message about the “full size” click. Thanks also for the feedback on the text/visual layout. I was hoping it would reel people in!

      Lastly, I’m not using a scanner right now. I’m using a digital camera. And truth be told, I’m not that great at lighting. I am able to color correct a bit after the fact, so the image you see is a very close facsimile of the actual work.

  6. I love this! I love seeing something I recognize, but a little differently! Tangerine is THE pantone color of the year… 🙂 I like the mostly neutral color palette with a pop of more intense color.

    • Thank you for the feedback. I appreciate that you get pretty specific… that helps me know what I should continue doing in future work. I really get a kick out of trying to pull off bold contrasts without letting the picture look cartoony. If you visit the corner by my house, you know what a hodge-podge of color it is!

  7. I’m really enjoying seeing the diversity of your art, and especially appreciate you sharing your thought process: why you decided to paint what you did, how you approached it, what you like, and what you’re unsure about it.

    Art is so subjective, so hearing the opinions of the artist them self is really fascinating.

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