A Good Sign

Leo's Chow Mein Sign


Today’s post is going to be short.  I spent the day running around work, tending to the affairs of the Co-op at our quarterly meeting, and enjoying a lovely birthday dinner.  Top it all of with a piece of carrot cake, and I’d call that a pretty full day.

With all the ‘events’ that fill our waking hours, it’s easy to overlook the constants that also inhabit our lives.  This image depicts the sign above Leo’s Chow Mein, a sight which greets me every morning when I walk the dog, and every night when I come home from work.

This fairly recent picture was executed in watercolor with gouache.  It provided two main challenges: one was capturing the reflected light as it hit the plastic lettering.  This is a daytime scene, so the sign is not lit from within the way it is at night.  Secondly, I wanted to convey the a stately, if weather-beaten visage of the landmark.   I think I achieved this goal by not overstating the deterioration of the structure and using the dynamic perspective to lend the sign some vitality.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

And now I will attempt to regain my own vitality with a good night’s rest.

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7 thoughts on “A Good Sign

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  2. Wow, this is absolutely amazing! And with watercolors on top of that. Hats off.

  3. I was trying to paint a sky from the window recently – it’s hard to paint the sky! Although I’m working in oil, which is different, but still – Nice job.

  4. Love this one!!

  5. A beautiful piece, Gabriel!!

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